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Articel benefits of jackfruit

benefits of jackfruit

1. Prevent Heart Disease
Did you know, the nutrients contained in jackfruit can prevent the possibility of heart disease. Potassium content in the jackfruit is effective in reducing the chance of heart disease because it can lower blood pressure.

2. Preventing Anemia
In addition to reducing the chances of heart disease, jackfruit with iron content can prevent anemia and can also improve blood circulation in our body.

3. Asthma Treatment
In addition to the above two benefits, jackfruit can be used as an herb. The trick is, boiled roots and jackfruit extracts it can help to control asthma.

4. Maintain Thyroid Health
Our body has many glands, one of the glands that serves to maintain the body's immune thyroid gland. With jackfruit, especially the mineral content of micro and copper in jackfruit is also effective for thyroid metabolism. It is very good for producing hormones and absorption.

5. Maintaining Bone Health
Magnesium on jackfruit serves as a nutrient that can strengthen bones and prevent various bone health problems such as osteoporosis.

Articel benefit of jengkol

benefit of jengkol

Especially for vitamin C contained 80 mg in 100 grams of jengkol seeds, while the recommended nutritional intake per day is 75 mg for adult women and 90 mg for adult men.

In addition, Jengkol is a good source of protein, which is 23.3 g per 100 g of ingredients. Protein content far exceeds the tempe that is known as a source of vegetable protein, which is only 18.3 g / 100 g. Each individual's protein needs are of course different. In addition to helping growth and maintenance, protein also works to build enzymes, hormones, and immunity. Therefore, protein is often called a builder substances.

For iron, Jengkol contains 4.7 g per 100 g. Iron deficiency can cause anemia. The symptoms of an iron deficiency anemia are fatigue, weakness, pallor and lack of excitement, headaches and irritability, inability to concentrate, and susceptible to infection. Patients with chronic anemia show the form of nails like spoons and brittle, cracked at the corners of the mouth, difficult to swallow tongue.

Teenagers, pregnant women, nursing mothers, adults, and vegetarians are most at risk for iron deficiency. In the body, iron is partly located in red blood cells as heme, a pigment containing the nucleus of an iron atom.

Jengkol is also very good for bone health because of high calcium content, which is 140 mg / 100 g. The role of calcium in general can be divided into two, which helps the formation of bones and teeth, and regulate the biological processes in the body.

The greatest calcium requirement is at the time of growth, but in adulthood adequate consumption is strongly recommended to maintain bone health. The recommended calcium consumption in adults is 800 mg per day. Phosphorus content of jengkol (166.7 mg / 100 g) is also very important for bone and tooth formation, as well as for storage and energy expenditure.

Articel the benefits of spinach for health

the benefits of spinach for health

Heart health
As is known, spinach is also very rich in antioxidants so it is very good to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol plaque on the artery channel because if clogged in the arteries, the risk of heart disease is very high. In addition, spinach is also very useful for controlling blood pressure.

Make Bones More Strong
Spinach is also very nutritious to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis so far feared especially by people who approached elderly. In the spinach is also contained vitamin K which helps in the absorption of calcium by the bones so that the bones become strong.

Prevent cancer
Spinach also contains flavonoids that can prevent infection in the body so that the impact on the lack of risk of colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

Blood Vessel Health
Spinach is also rich in iron which is very important to build red blood cells that have a function to carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron deficiency will make your body feels weak, easy to lose energy, easily drowsy, and can also cause anemia. To get enough iron in the body, one can increase the consumption of spinach.

Useful for Pregnant Women
Spinach contains folate and vitamin A which is very beneficial for pregnant mothers. With a lot of spinach consumption, the process of lung formation in the fetus played by vitamin A and the formation of a complete nervous system played by folate will work well

Articel benefits of broccoli for health

benefits of broccoli for health

1. Controlling cholesterol
Fiber on the benefits of broccoli controls the buildup of cholesterol in the body. It is very good for heart health and also avoid the symptoms of heart disease. So cook the broccoli in a boiled way to avoid the use of cooking oil.

2. Important for eye health
Broccoli is also very rich in vitamin A content that serves to maintain eye health and provide better vision. Eyes are an important asset to us, so keep your intake with our food intake with vitamin A like broccoli, on carrots or long beans. Lutein in broccoli is also able to keep eye damage due to exposure to sunlight
or aging.

3. It is good to keep the digestive system
Sulforaphane content can reduce the risk of digestive disorders such as gastritis, gastric infections. Sulforaphane is able to influence the increased production of enzymes in the liver. These enzymes play a role in causing carcinogenic causes of cancer symptoms and remove it from the cell. In medicine, germs are the leading cause of stomach ulcers or cancer

4. Sources of antioxidants
One of the highest content in broccoli is its vitamin C, this vitamin is very important and acts as an antioxidant that will help the body fight free radicals.

Articel benefit of potato

Benefit of potato
1. Lowering Blood Pressure
Potatoes are rich in potassium which helps lower blood pressure. These vegetables also contain chemicals called kukoamines, which can also help lower blood pressure. Not only that, the fiber found in potatoes can bind cholesterol in the blood.

2. Maintain the health of the brain and nervous system
Vitamin B6 contained in potatoes is very important to maintain healthy nerves, namely by creating brain chemicals, including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. In other words, consuming potatoes will help lower depression and stress. On the other hand, carbohydrates in potatoes can maintain the level of glucose needed to maintain brain performance.

3. Maintain immunity.
Potatoes contain vitamin C which is useful for maintaining immunity. The Washington City Potato Commission says consuming potatoes regularly keeps the body away from flu and scurvy.

4. Reduce inflammation.
While some studies suggest that potatoes cause inflammation, the Arthritis Foundation Foundation's organization recommends inflammatory people to consume potatoes. The study found that potatoes can reduce inflammation within two weeks. This opinion was also corroborated in a 2011 study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

5. Smooth digestion
High fiber makes potatoes become one of the good vegetables for digestion. Not only that, the high content of carbohydrates in potatoes also make these vegetables easily digested so as not to increase the workload of our digestive system.

6. Maintain heart health
The content of fiber in potatoes will help clean up cholesterol in the blood worker that will ultimately help maintain heart health. Similarly, vitamin C, B6, and carotenoids that will maintain heart function.

Articel benefit pineapple

Containing Pineapple Enzymes contain a special enzyme called Bromelain that has anti-inflammatory properties, even has no less efficacy with potent drugs such as NSAIDs and steroids, especially if bromelain is combined with spices such as turmeric (curcumin). Bromelain efficacious reduces joint pain due to gout and most types of arthritis, reduces sore throat, stops new tumor development and shrinks cancer, reduces postoperative swelling, relieves stomach acid rise, and complementary enzymes to promote and accelerate digestion and bowel motility

Other benefit
1. Regulate the thyroid gland and reduce the risk of goiter
2. Reduces throat swelling due to bronchitis and asthma
3. Lowering blood pressure.
4. Remove parasites from the liver and intestines
5. Relieves constipation
6. Prevents nausea
7. Low calorie to lose weight
8. Contains high pectin which helps remove heavy metals and toxins in the body Contains Anti-clotting agent

articel the benefits of soursop fruit for health

the benefits of soursop fruit for health

1. Improve the immune system
The content of compounds ranging from acetogenins to muricapentocin that has been mentioned just now useful to improve the body's immune system from the danger of disease, but also can also be used as a cure disease.

2. Energy Supplier for Body
The content of carbohydrates in soursop fruit has properties as an energy booster. In addition, the presence of vitamin B1 also adds energy levels to optimize the function of organs such as heart, brain, lungs, and kidneys by acting as a co-enzyme to convert glucose into energy.

3. Increase Concentration
Another specialty of thiamine is to maintain brain function and improve memory and concentration. The existence of this vitamin also helps the brain free from the burden (stress) and strengthen the motor nervous system in the brain.

4. Helps Production of Hemoglobin
The function of riboflavin in soursop fruit is very important, that is to help the production of red blood cells so that enough to flow oxygen to the entire tissues in the body. That way all the organs of both vital and non-performance can take place normally